Joy Lubeck

2019 Presidential Message- Joy Lubeck

Thank you all for putting your confidence in me as your president at this historic time in the state of Arizona! 

I again want to thank both David Whitehorn and Jan Foran for their tremendous leadership this past year, along with the transition team (Jill Juran, Miriam Spinner, Cornelia Long and Nancy Smyth) - our own Marcia Reynolds, Matt Varney and Kendra Redman from ICF Global ——and last but certainly not least, all of you- our members - together we are realizing the joint vision of One AZ- To be formally branded as ICF Arizona Charter Chapter effective January 1, 2019! 

As for our future vision? 
Your new board of directors together with Matt and Kendra, will be spending an entire day tomorrow envisioning the future of your ICF AZ Charter Chapter. 

You can rest assured we will remain in communication with everyone! So stay tuned! 

As for me? 
Three key thoughts initially come to mind-
Momentum, Engagement, and Partnership

1. Build on the great momentum and excellence we’ve created this past year- in terms of board and organizational governance, educational programming, communications, outreach, our United for Growth efforts and of course front and center- member experience and member prosperity. 

2. Engage, Support and Partner with the next generation of coaches- so that our profession remains vibrant and sustainable in perpetuity.

3. Engage & Partner with community leadership throughout our fine state- inviting corporations, academic institutions, non-profit and governmental organizations to more clearly understand the impact of coaching as they grow and develop future leaders, who in turn reflect the communities in which we live and work.

We will continue to reach out to all of you, our members, for your ideas and will do our best to integrate your feedback into our year-long efforts. 

My invitation? 

Together let’s continue to discover the rich offerings of our entire ICF AZ Membership in order to create even more positive impact in our state!

And now.... 
Before we return to the celebration, I would ask each of you to raise your glass and join me for a toast- 

To the bright future of ICF Arizona Charter Chapter- together let’s continue to join in collaboration and commitment to the future of coaching- and to develop the rich potential that lies within each of us as human beings! 

To good health, love and prosperity!