ICF Arizona is a Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization formed by individual members – professionals who practice coaching including Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Life Coaches, Career Coaches and many other areas of specialization.

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Chapter Vision

In service to humanity we choose to lead the advancement of the coaching profession across Arizona.

Chapter Mission

  • Advocate excellence, credentialing and ethics

  • Create an environment of growth and learning

  • Identify and develop the gifts and talents of all (individuals, teams, and organizations)

  • Give back to the internal and external community

Chapter Values







The ICF is the leading global coaching organization

dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. The core purpose of the ICF is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.

Today, the ICF is recognized around the world for:

ICF has over 20,000 members in 110 countries, and 120 chapters in over 50 countries. There are over 9,000 coaches in 87 countries who hold an ICF coaching credential. Here in the Phoenix Valley, we have about 80 ICF-credentialed coaches.

About the Coaching Profession

The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. ICF envisions a future in which coaching will be an integral part of society and ICF members will represent the highest quality in professional coaching.

Individuals and businesses interested in finding a professional coach, whether an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, Organizational Coach, etc., can use the ICF's Coach Referral Service to search for an ICF Credentialed coach, browse through the ICF Member Directory, or post a job opening on ICF's Career Centre.

The Work of ICF

To Build... The ICF maintains a high visibility for the profession through public relations, publicity campaigns, marketing strategies and the Coach Referral Service (CRS). The CRS is an independent, non-profit ICF service which makes it easy for people to find the right coach for their needs.

To Support ... The ICF develops and implements programs that assist in the professional development of its membership. In addition to the professional development opportunities of an annual conference, the ICF provides professional growth opportunities through its local, regional and virtual chapters throughout the world. Continual support is available through the ICF Web site and publications.

To Preserve... The ICF developed and promotes an industry wide Code of Professional Standards. ICF also developed the first universally accepted Certification process which will preserve the integrity of coaching through standardized credentials that assist consumers in choosing professional coaches, as well as a stringent Accreditation process for coach training programs.