Four Things You Should Know About the Fourth Industrial Revolution!


When we talk about our conference LeaderSHIFT:  Developing Leaders for the 4X Transformational World, we often get the question,  What do you mean 4X?  It is our shorthand for the “4th Industrial Revolution.“  It is the profound and systemic changes in our society, made possible by convergence of the maturation of new technologies and the exponential growth in computational power, digitization, digitalization, and digital interconnectedness.  Not so Breaking News!  It is already three years in the making.

With 4X comes a critical question.  According to Nicholas Davis, an Executive Committee member of the World Economic Forum, “Are these techonologies capable of improving our lives more than that:  powerful objects and enablers that influence our perception of the world, change our behaviour and affect what it means to be human?”  

If you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, and at times, angry, you are in good company.  Many CEOs report feeling the same way.  Here are a few things to think about:

1.       The future of a global economy dominated by digitalization and artificial intelligence will leave no business sector untouched.  A recent study by McKinsey predicts that between 400- 800 million jobs could be automated by 3030.  And no one knows for sure right now what the real impact will be.

2.       The pace of transformation will be relentless and it will be challenging to sustain any change brought about by disruption. No one can predict the economic, socio-politial, environmental shifts on power, wealth and well-being in a highly connected global population. 

3.       Industry and global Leaders worry most about the shortage of talent and skills to replace these future jobs.  Amazon recently pledged to upskill 100,000 U.S. employees by 2025 through programs like Amazon Technical Academy.  Will the workforce training be able to keep up with technology?  Hard to say.

4.       It will require partnerships and the diverse perspectives of education, government, non-profit, health care, entrepreneurs,  and technology to solve our world’s problems in the future.  How do stakeholders with singular points of view and diverse self-interests find common ground? Today we experience greater polarization than in recent history..

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