Why Your Business Needs a Relationship Coach


Why Your Business Needs a Relationship Coach

By Joseph P. Battaglia

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A successful business is built on relationships. People do business with those they know, like, and trust.

Here are three ways a relationship coach can help your business:

1)    As a business owner, your values, self-worth, and belief system form the basis for your company’s culture and the way you and your team engage with each other and your customers. A relationship coach adds value by helping you understand what drives your behavior, and uncover what’s working and not working. A relationship coach helps you build a healthy workplace where team members have strong emotional engagement with your mission and clients. High levels of engagement mean success for your company and your clients.

2)    Your team members bring their own values, self-worth, and thought patterns to work every day. A relationship coach can help you uncover the causes of ongoing conflict, especially with key business partners. The coach helps your team build healthy patterns of communication and trust.

3)    A relationship coach can help you understand how to attract more ideal clients and eliminate the derailers that keep you from forming great relationships with them. What’s your likeability factor? How do people get to know you? Are you trustworthy? How are you showing up?

People make a business thrive or burn out. There’s a high cost to turnover of customers and team members. And there’s a high cost to business owners who can’t figure out the “people issues” in their businesses. A relationship coach can help you uncover what’s getting in your way to success so you can build a healthy workplace and thriving business.

Coaching Tip: Step back and think of the relationships you and your business have. Group them into categories: outstanding, great, good, and needs work. Look for common themes. How are the relationships in the outstanding category different from the ones that need work? Now, take those that need work and create an action plan to transform them to outstanding! If you get stuck, give me a call.  

About the Author

Joe Battaglia

Joseph P. Battaglia is a Relationship Coach and co-owner of Living the Dream Coaches, LLC, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Joe works with people over 40 who are ready to transform their lives and their relationships.

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