Are You Disciplined?

Are You Disciplined?

By Terri Sinclair

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At least 75% of clients I coach tell me they feel they lack discipline. They want to be more productive, or have better time-management skills. I used to think of myself as lacking discipline, until a colleague called my attention to the results I produced on my projects. That was an aha moment for me that “where there are results, there is some discipline.”

Through the years, I’ve worked on a process for my clients to use, and it’s a simple formula:

Activities + Frequency = results if tied to a metric.

In other words, if you do activities at a set frequency and you tie it to a measurable result, then you have discipline. It’s integral to note that frequent “busyness” will not produce a result other than stress, frustration, or exhaustion.

For example, checking my email every time a notification pops up will not produce a result of moving my projects ahead. Instead, turning off my notifications, and checking my email at set intervals will allow me a block of time to work on a project and move it forward.

On the other hand, scheduling four workouts in a week will produce better health. And, writing 1/2 hour a day will produce enough content to market your business.

Coaching Tip: The beauty of this formula is that it works with any measurable result you want to achieve: personal and professional. And, if you are already getting some success with your current activities, I challenge you to analyze what is needed to move past your current limits. Please share your results on my Facebook Page.

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