Are You Actively Living Your Legacy

Are Y

ou Actively Living Your Legacy?

By Dr. Vikki Brock and Vanessa Shaw

When asked this question, some people immediately think, “My legacy? I’m not sure I’m even actively living.”  Others say, “Forget my legacy, how about my vision or purpose?” Whatever your response, what would it be like to be living in full alignment with who you are and what you are here on Earth to do?

An Active Legacy® is created moment by moment, through choices and actions, according to your values and beliefs. Thus the place to start is determining your values and beliefs — what’s truly important to you. Once you have identified, described, and written them down, the next step is to consciously think, behave, and act in alignment with your beliefs and values. Know that this will take concerted effort and practice. The “active” part of Active Legacy® is living this way in the present moment.

Next comes the legacy, which we define as “what will carry on when you are no longer in the world.”  In other words, this is the difference you have made in your world and the world beyond you. You might ponder what people will say about you when you are gone.  Write down what you want this to be.  Now, consider what people would say if you were gone right now? Compare this to what you want them to say.

If it’s the same, congratulations! You are actively living your legacy. If there is a gap (as there is for most of us), then begin the journey to living your Active Legacy® by taking one action that will bring you closer to living the legacy you want to leave.

Coaching Tip:  Remember…legacy is for all, not just the old or dying, as we seldom know when our time on Earth is over.  It’s ultimately not the length of our life that really matters but rather the quality of life that we live and the contribution we make to others. No matter what your age, you are living your legacy NOW – whether you are conscious of it or not.

About the Authors

Vikki BrockDr. Vikki Brock +1 (805) 676-4200

Dr. Brock is an executive leadership coach and mentor for other coaches since 1995, following a 21-year corporate career. She defines coaching as “raising awareness, so people are at conscious choice.” Since 2005, Vikki's practice has expanded beyond North America to every continent. Her credentials include an Executive MBA, a Ph.D. in Coaching and Human Development, and ICF MCC since 1998. Throughout her university teaching, writing, international speaking, and coaching, Vikki emphasizes collaboration and inclusion. Vikki’s active involvement with the ICF began in 1996. She coaches from her fifty-foot TriStar sailboat in Ventura, California.

Vanessa ShawVanessa Shaw +1 (480) 626-2007

As a leading Business & Marketing Mentor, Vanessa Shaw has a track record of helping international clients overcome business challenges and create lucrative, heart-centered businesses that positively impact the lives of others. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and consultants around the world step up powerfully into the world of business so they can achieve the impact they truly desire and ultimately deserve. Speaking from experience, she says “Business is not rocket science — you just need a lot of common sense, well-proven strategies and the right support network — success then follows.”