Making Time for Your Goals

Making Time for Your Goals

by Jennifer Baltz


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What are your big goals in life? Are you giving them enough time to make them real?

Maybe you've always wanted to write a book, spend more time with your family, build a greenhouse, or learn to fly. But Life intervened. Because you've been doing other important and necessary things, your passion got set aside on the shelf somewhere gathering dust.

Our bigger goals don't always sit up and shout at us -- often, they sit quietly in a corner, waiting to be seen and heard.

So what does it take to bring your goals front and center in the midst of a busy life?  Asking yourself clarifying questions like these can help you define your vision and take steps to create it:

What will it feel like when I achieve this goal?

Is this a goal I still want with all my heart?

Why is it important to me?

Is it important enough to put other things aside right now so I can make it happen?

What is the clearest path to get there?

What is my next step along that path?

It's most effective to focus on one goal at a time, although practically speaking, that's not always so easy to do. If you are more comfortable having multiple projects in the air, consider shifting your time and focus between two compatible goals rather than getting distracted by a half-dozen.

Coaching Tip:

Add regular goal check-in appointments to your calendar, to help you stay focused and moving forward.  Our tendency is to assume that only big steps can make things happen. Remember that even little steps, if you take enough of them, will get you there.


Jennifer BaltzJennifer Baltz is a certified coach and editor of the ICF Phoenix Coaching Tips blog.  A longtime writer and book editor with a gift for ideation, intuition, and creativity, Jennifer can help you get your book, blog, or newsletter out of your head and into your readers’ hands.

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