Hiding in Plain Sight


Hiding in Plain Sight

by Tammy Farrell

20140428 Hiding

You’d never know that someone awesome is hiding in this box, would you?

So MAYBE you’ve got an idea that someone is in there.   Is whoever is in there trying to get out?

Or is he trying to stay inside and not be discovered? It’s difficult to tell, but he seems to be in there by choice.  No one is holding the box. There’s no tension in his face showing that he’s there unwillingly.  You can even see a bit of a smile.

We all like to hide at times. It can be a safe cocoon keeping us from risking potential rejection, failure, or even from being in the limelight when we don’t feel ready for it.

I’ve hidden behind the success of others, being the busy person helping behind the scenes at events, and most notably, behind my weight.  That’s tough to say that out loud but it’s true. I was scared of rejection, afraid of me being the one to say that “I’m not interested,” and fearful that I’d be losing my excuse for why I haven’t done the things I not-so-secretly wanted to do.

I’ll go on that trip once I’m thin.

I’m going to ask for the promotion that I deserve once I look like I’d fit in more.

After I lose 100 lbs, life is going to be so good!

If your extra weight were gone in a snap, would you be ready to live the life you’ve said you’ve always wanted?  Weight loss can certainly be a turning point in someone’s life. It can sometimes erase health issues that are scary or just a pain to deal with. Maybe you’d be able to wear a watch for the first time in 10 years.  Maybe you’d be asked out on a date. Maybe you wouldn’t need to ask for a seat belt extension…or bring your own.

Coaching Tip:

Whether it’s weight loss, staying safe in a relationship that isn’t horrible, or that job that pays the bills, hiding keeps us in our comfort zone.  You don’t need to decide to do something grand. You don’t need to take a stand on Capitol Hill. And you don’t need to figure it all out before you start living your life.

What dream do you have that you can do SOMETHING toward this week? Pick one small thing that you can do to move towards that dream, and do it!

About the Author:

Tammy FarrellTammy Farrell is a former corporate executive who knows that success comes as a result of action. Her philosophy comes through in her coaching style with value-centered actions serving as the primary catalysts for change.  Tammy’s company is Believe In Action Coaching where she specializes in partnering with clients as they navigate through the weight loss surgery process toward an exciting new life.

And yes, Tammy is also a weight loss surgery patient (Mayo Clinic 2012).  She loves the active life she enjoys with her sons and is grateful for the health and energy benefits that she’s gained following her own weight loss surgery.

To contact Tammy, visit http://believeinaction.com, or email her at Tammy@believeinaction.com.

Childhood Obesity: Kids Need SPACE


Courtesy Arvind Balaraman and FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Childhood Obesity: Kids Need SPACE

by Tammy Farrell

Eat nutritiously.  Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep.  Socialize...but not too much.

There's a lot of information available about how to create healthy lifestyles for our kids. Getting there remains the challenge.

Childhood obesity can set the pace of a child's life. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) reminds us, obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. The statistics are scary, as are the potential short and long term health effects. And  let's not pretend  there aren't heart-wrenching effects that can play themselves out as low self-esteem, ineffective stress management, and social anxiety issues.

I was obese as a child, and I can absolutely say  it doesn't have to be this way!  There are ways to prevent and treat childhood obesity that can recover lost ground, restore energy and vitality, and pave the way for a healthy vibrant life.

Coaching Tip:

Give the children in your life SPACE to grow up in a way that reflects your love and pride in them.

Support:  Let them know that their feelings are valid and that you're there for them. Choose school, family, and work activities that involve movement, joy, and fun.

Plan ahead: Notice when kids fight over wonderful, nutritious food choices. Raspberries don't stand a chance in my house!  When it's time to choose an activity or snack, remind them how great those choices made them feel.

Activity:  Recognize those moments when kids are elated and feel good.  Jumping rope, bouncing on a trampoline, dancing to favorite tunes, and good old fashioned hide-and- seek all will get their blood stirring.

Celebrate:  Spread around high fives as kids beam with excitement when they race each other to the end of the field. Above all, notice their good choices. A "Good job!" compliment from you surely will make their day.

Encourage:  Make games and activities available that encourage kids to release energy and strengthen their bodies. Have lunch with your kids or show up unexpectedly at a team practice.

Take one of these actions today to make children’s health a priority.  What will you do?

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About the Author:

Tammy FarrellAs a former corporate executive, Tammy Farrell embodies the fact that success comes as a result of action. Her philosophy comes through in her coaching style with value-centered actions serving as the primary catalysts for change. Tammy founded Believe In Action Coaching, where she specializes in working with clients who are considering or who have had weight loss surgeries.

Tammy is the Vice President of Finance of the ICF Phoenix Chapter for 2014.

Office:  480.320.3722

Email: Tammy@BelieveInAction.com