Stay Connected with YOU!

Stay Connected with YOU!

by Donna M. Reid, M.A.

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The busy holiday season keeps us on the move with all the things we need to get done.  From decorating our homes, to making special meals, buying those perfect gifts, and celebrating with friends and family…the days can feel long and endless.

In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, and that can take a toll on your wellness and your relationships.  Connecting with your feelings and taking time out for yourself is essential. It will not only rejuvenate and give you the emotional balance and focus you need, but even more importantly, it will restore your energy!

Coaching Tip:

Try one or more of these ways to stay on track this holiday season and keep your balance.

  • Set a time of day when you have no interpretations for positive self-talk, listening to your heart, and journaling your feelings.
  • Be aware of your feelings and how they affect others. Practice good boundary setting when others make requests of you.
  • Do something special for yourself.
  • Schedule a fun work out and make it a routine.

Taking charge and checking in with your feelings can be the key to a continuous healthy lifestyle, and give you the balance you need during this busy holiday season and into the New Year!

Have a wonderful holiday season, share with others, give thanks and ENJOY! Remember to take out time to stay connected with YOU!!


About the Author:

Donna Reid

Donna is a personal/business coach, consultant and trainer, with expertise in women's leadership development, self-development, cross-cultural communication, and diversity. Donna has 18 years of experience  with Maricopa County Superior Court, private and nonprofit agendas. Her specialties include conflict resolution management, effective communication skills, negotiation, and mediation management.  She is the founder and CEO of DRA Consulting Services, LLC, since 2005.

Visit her website, or contact her at draconsultingsvs@gmail.com1-888-261-2354.