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4-10-19: Zoom Room: “The ICF Core Competencies: Your Pathway to Growth and Coaching Mastery"

Facilitated by Carly Anderson, MCC

When is the last time you revisited the 11 core competencies prior to a coaching call?

Do you change hats in the middle of a coaching call? Do you put on the teacher hat? The consultant hat? The mentor hat? Is your client aware of the difference? Are you doing this because your client is requesting it or because that becomes your comfort zone? If the answer is your comfort zone, what opportunities are lost to be of further service to your client that could create further ownership and impact for your clients?

How important is credentialing as far as making business decisions? More and more organizations, including government, are requiring coaches to have PCC or MCC credential to coach their employees including at more senior levels.

Join us and you will:

  • Be inspired to further deepen your understanding of the Core Competencies and how they create further impact in service of your clients.

  • Recognize that being credentialed is important to your coaching business.

  • Become more conscious of your comfort zone during the coaching call.

  • Witness on-the-spot coaching from the presenter.

  • Credentialing and the business case. Because she was MCC, Carly was invited to interview for a coaching engagement that ended up being a $250,000 coaching contract.

  • Understand how studying the Core Competencies is a growth path to mastery

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