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5-22-19: Zoom Room: "Taming the Sabertooth: Coaching in a Stressful World"

Facilitated by Tracey Grove, PCC

Stress and anxiety are increasingly becoming issues in the workplace. Increased competition, longer working hours and higher performance expectations are all contributing to a stressful work environment.

And the news at home isn’t much better. Digitization and always-on technology have blurred the boundaries between work and personal life, removing the natural buffer between them and costing us our health.

For each of us, it is more important than ever to understand that while we cannot necessarily change our environment, we have the power to shift our response to it by building resilience. By helping our clients to challenge their assumptions, control their distractions and choose their responses, we can help them increase performance, balance, and happiness at work and at home. For coaches, this topic is important not only from the perspective of nurturing our own recovery from stress, but also in serving our clients through greater awareness of resilience.

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