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4-24-19: Zoom Room: "Coaching for Hope & Possibility"

Facilitated by Anne Barry Jolles

Bring the international phenomenon of Grace Trail into your coaching practice and your life, work and community! Learn how to build and acquire beliefs and skills that will help you and your clients move forward and invite in hope, resiliency and grace more often. By asking and reflecting on 5 key questions about the five components of GRACE – Gratitude, Release, Acceptance, Challenge and Embrace – you will find that you are walking off your worries and walking toward hope and possibility.

Hear the amazing story that began in Anne Jolles’ kitchen 18 years ago during a time of despair and helped her rise up. Learn what she heard and saw that has now grown into a coaching method and resiliency tool that is being used worldwide.

Coaches of any niche or specialty can benefit from “walking,” talking, learning about and sharing Grace Trail with their clients.

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