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4-29-19: In-Person TUCSON, AZ: "IMPROV(e) Your Coaching … and Life!"

Facilitated by Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC

How can the principles of improv (theatre without a script), help you be a more effective coach?

Actually, when it comes to being present in the moment, letting go of control, trusting the process, and adapting to whatever your coachee (or life) gives us, we have much to learn from the principles of improvisation. 

In this session we'll invite you to consider the possibility that every coaching conversation is a piece of improv. And … to explore how improv skills relate directly to core coaching competencies like establishing trust, coaching presence and active listening.

Plan on leaving your inner critic at the door and on enjoying a fun and safe learning environment! Come prepared to be active and please wear comfortable shoes!