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6-5-19: Zoom Room: "The Future of Coaching Book Study"

Facilitated by Connie Kadansky, MCC and Cornelia Long

The Coaching Book Study will be led by Connie Kadansky, MCC and Cornelia Long, former ICF Tucson President. Each week one participant will have the opportunity to facilitate the weekly review and discussion of one of the eleven essays.

Join us to not only increase your knowledge of Core Competencies but enjoy lively discussions with a small group of fellow coaches about the Future of Coaching. A bonus is that you will earn a total of 13.75 CCEU’s, 8.25 for core competencies and 5.5 for Resource Development.

Our selected book: The Future of Coaching Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World by Hetty Einzig, who is also a key presenter for ICF Arizona Annual Summit on October 5, 2019.