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9-11-19: Zoom Room: "Coaching Supervision: What is it?…And why Should I Bother?"

Facilitated by Pat Marum, MPA, CHIC, PCC, CSC

Satisfies the ICF requirements for:
0.5 CCE – Core Competency
1.0 CCE Resource Development

Been hearing the growing "buzz" about Coaching Supervision? Been wondering just what it is? This is a way to satisfy your curiosity… and consider it in the future for CCEs. Since 2014, ICF credits Coach Supervision received as approved professional development, hour-for-hour up to 12 hours, in CORE for Credential Renewal.

Pat will define Coaching Supervision, explain how it differs from mentor coaching in general and ICF Mentor Coaching in particular, and offer a group Super-Vision experience so you can "taste and see" for yourselves.

The specific concepts that will be addressed in this educational offering are:

  • A descriptive definition of supervision or Super-Vision (as I coined the phrase in 2009)

  • An understanding of the 3 recognized intersection points of supervision and coaches’ journey

  • An understanding of which intersection point best serves a coach's current needs

You will walk away with:

  • A conceptual understanding of Coach Supervision, including where mentoring fits in

  • A recognition of the most appropriate intersection point for the coach

  • A group supervision experience to give dimension to the concept