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10-23-19: Zoom Room: "Mastering Authentic Self-Promotion"

Facilitated by Tom Henschel

Satisfies the ICF requirements for:

What happens when you extend your hand to someone and say, “I’m a coach?” How does that moment go for you? Is there a little hitch? This month’s meeting is going to bring tools for you to settle into that moment a little more comfortably.

Tom Henschel is an executive coach who has been coaching since 1990. His focus is “The Look & Sound of Leadership.” It’s all about those moments when you need to stick out your hand and assert yourself into the world.

He gave a version of this presentation to ICF-LA. It was one of the highest rated programs of the year. He’s going to bring those same tools to us.

Tom currently hosts the Executive Coaching online Special Interest Group for ICF-LA. He is an old-hand at facilitating group Zoom calls. His spirit is that no one’s an expert – we’re all learners.