In Partnership with Mesa United Way

There's value in the coaching experience and the coaches of ICF Arizona can't think of a better way to help the community than by assisting non-profit leaders in better serving their clients.

Mark Young, CEO of Mesa United Way, knows the impact coaching can make on the individual executive and their organization. Watch Mark below talk about our partnership and how coaching changed him.

"I met my coach...and I'm better because of that." "It's meant everything to me."

The United for Growth and ICF Arizona Charter Chapter Partnership

We asked for 10 coaches and we now have 11 serving 16 executives in the United for Growth Program in our partnership with Mesa United Way. So now that we have 11, as we coaches like to say, “Why not 15?”

Help us reach our goal of 15 coaches by year end in our United for Growth Program. In this program you will be assigned to an executive who leads a non-profit organization. To qualify you must be a member in good standing with ICF Arizona Charter Chapter.

Through your coaching experience in this program your pro-bono efforts will support not only the leader and his/her respective organization - but also the community that the organization serves. Make a difference! With you we are “United for Growth.”

United for Growth is a partnership between ICF Arizona and Mesa United Way with the purpose of providing pro-bono coaching to the leaders of non-profit organizations.

Mesa United Way is a part of United Way Worldwide which is an umbrella organization that hosts thousands of non-profit organizations (often referred to as United Ways).  It is the overarching organizational structure in charge of approximately 1,800 community-based United Ways in 45 countries and territories.

The executives currently receiving coaching are at the CEO, COO, VP of Programs level.

Mission Statement: “Optimize the performance of non-profit organizations and their impact on their community through providing quality ICF competency-based pro-bono coaching to the executive leadership of said organizations.”

Vision: “Create a partnership between ICF and United Way Worldwide to scale the impact of ICF competency-based pro-bono coaching on our local community around the world.”

Celebrating United for Growth

Coaches from ICF Arizona and executives share personal stories about how coaching has changed them, their team members and the communities they serve.  The power of giving doesn't just affect one but the many!

Want to Serve? Here is How the Program Works

1) Review the list of non-profit organizations below and choose the organization that most interests you.

2) Send an email to indicating your preferred non-profit organization.

3) You will receive an email from ICF introducing you to Mesa United Way and the non-profit organization you have selected.

4) The introduction will invite you and the leader of the non-profit organization to coordinate next steps:

a)      To connect and discuss leadership/ organizational needs;

b)      Agree on the length of the pro-bono engagement;

c)      Envision a successful outcome for the coaching;

d)      Create a mutually agreed upon path that achieves the client’s goals;

e)      Act on the plan and have fun!

5) Log your pro-bono hours on our ICF website (Under Pro Bono Coaching- “Track My Hours.”)

Complete the simple form and submit.  This will allow us to share our collective coaching time and reinforce the impact we can make in our community. A portion of the time you contribute can also be applied to your required hours for credentialing as an ACC, PCC or MCC.

Participating Organizations

Below are organizations participating in the United for Growth program along with a primary contact.

Susan Wiltfong - Big Brothers Big Sisters
Benito Ontiveros - United Food Bank - contact Dave Richins CEO @
Gina Trotter - Big Brothers Big Sisters -
Patrick Winters - St. Joseph the Worker - Contact through Brent Downs Executive Director -
Danielle Webster - CAAFA -
Deborah Hutterer - Lutheran Social Services -
Bill Berry - Resurrection Street Ministry -
Angel Olivera - Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix -
Sherri Friend - Oakwood Creative Care -
Sean Stoddard - Archangels -
Carlos Alfaro - Arizona Talks -
Rick McClellan - La Mesa Ministries -
Katie Pompey - Helen’s Hope Chest -