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How to Shift to Coaching the Person
How to Shift to Coaching the Person
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How to Shift to Coaching the Person and Why This is So Important Now

Presented by Marcia Reynolds, Psy,D., MCC

We all get stuck in our stories, especially when we experience strong emotions. This limits us from seeing possibilities and alternative solutions to what we have tried before. The Neuroscientists say that there must be something external to us, outside of our minds and bodies, that disrupt our thought patterns so we can change them. When someone else adeptly challenges your reasoning and dares to ask you a question that penetrates your protective frames, there is what Marcel Proust call an "upheaval of thought." This turbulence can crack open the stories, allowing you to see yourself and the world around you in new ways. You will then form new stories, but the process can repeat many times even in one day.

Coaches are trained to be external thought disruptors! We coach people to see beyond the frames of their stories as a thinking partner knowing they are creative, resourceful, and whole. They instantly see themselves and the world around them in a new way. This is the gift of coaching and what differentiates us from consulting and therapy. Coaches don't focus on helping people feel better; we coach so they see better!

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is a world-renowned expert on how to evoke transformation through conversations. She is the Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute in North Carolina and on faculty for coaching schools in China, Russia, and the Philippines. She has spoken at conferences and taught workshops in 43 countries. Global Gurus has recognized her as one of the top 4 coaches in the world for years.

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