Got Writer’s Block? Here’s How to Get Unstuck Fast!

Got Writer’s Block?  Here’s How to Get Unstuck Fast!

By Jennifer Baltz

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There are many reasons to write a book if you’re a small business owner.  A book conveys your expert status, gives you more publicity and visibility, attracts happy customers/clients, and even provides ready-made content that you can repurpose into blog posts and articles.  But finding the time and head space to write can be difficult.  And when you sit down to write and nothing comes to mind, or you don’t like what you’ve written, then what?

Here are three quick ways to help banish writer’s block and get your words flowing again:

1)     If you have an idea for a book, then speak your book instead of writing it. Some of us are better speakers than writers – so use your gift of gab and start talking! Speech-to-text apps are getting better and better (a free one for iOS is Dragon Dictation).

2)     Write first, edit later. You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s true. Editing while you write blocks your creative flow like nothing else. If you find that editing gets you stuck, hire a good copyeditor to tighten and polish your words.

3)     Know how you work best, and do it your way. Work well under deadlines? Give yourself one, and find an accountability partner to help you stick to it! If your creative muse needs room to breathe, give yourself a little time to meditate or enjoy some quiet before you start to work.

Coaching Tip:  Most writer’s block is caused by your worst critic – the one inside your head. However, fighting your inner critic never works. It might sound silly, but try giving your inner critic a name and imagine inviting her to tea instead! Making friends with your inner critic is a much better strategy to give yourself more “head room” to write.

About the Author

Jennifer BaltzJennifer Baltz is a book coach and creative catalyst. She’s also editor of the ICF Phoenix Coaching Tips. A longtime writer and book editor with a gift for ideation, intuition, and creativity, Jennifer can help you get your book, blog, or newsletter out of your head and into your readers’ hands. Editing and ghostwriting services also are available for busy professionals who don’t have time to write.

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