Acting on the Gift of Feedback


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Acting on the Gift of Feedback

By Jewel Ray Chaudhuri, Ph.D.

As you continue to work on your goals for 2014, there’s no more valuable gift than feedback. Even well-intentioned feedback is often overlooked and frequently not received well.  And yet, as Master Coach Marshall Goldsmith points out, feedback offered in a supportive manner is one of the most valuable gifts we can receive.

Often, we are reluctant to receive feedback for the gift it truly is. So we fail to close the loop with our feedback givers. We may thank our feedback givers when we’ve received 360-degree feedback (coming from our immediate work circle).

But, we fail to include our feedback givers in our process of acting on that feedback, making changes, and becoming more effective leaders, managers, and employees.  If you don’t allow your feedback givers to participate in your growth and learning, chances are they won’t “see” any change. Think of this as double-loop learning and close that loop!

Coaching Tip:

After you have thanked your feedback giver, don’t stop! Tell him or her what behaviors you are working on to change. Ask for ongoing support. Ask that when your feedback givers observe positive behavior change, they let you know. Continue to ask for suggestions on how and what you can do differently.


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JewelJewel Ray Chaudhuri, Ph.D.

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