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5-4-19: In-Person: "Forest Bathing, Metaphor & You"

Mindy Schlimgen, Guide & Nature-based Coach
Malia Monaco, Progress Coach

This is a group coaching workshop for anyone who seeks to explore & connect with nature through sensory awareness and mindfulness practices. The morning will be experiential with coaching in the forest. Forest bathing is a slow walk through nature with intentions to slow down, awaken your senses, be present, and heal body and mind. Forest bathing started in 1982 as Shinrin-yoku (in Japan), and is simply the experience of immersing ourselves fully in nature. Proven health benefits (from medical and neuroscience research) include significant stress reduction, boosted immune function, improved mood, reduced fatigue, increased creativity...among others. Our afternoon exploration will deepen our discussion into the power of metaphor, and how you can take what you’ve learned today into your future.