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6-22-19: Zoom Room: "Attention, Awareness & Embodied Cognition in Coaching"

Facilitated by Rod Francis, PCC

As coaches, our capacities for sustained deep attention, awareness and listening to both self and others are critical variables in our ability to catalyze and support deep lasting change in our clients. The seeming "outer" work of supporting change in clients in reality begins with the inner processes of both them and us — with the felt level of our experience.

Our capacity to engage generatively with this personal material profoundly shapes the nature of our and their subsequent impact in the world. There is much we can gain from practices that cultivate deep awareness, self-knowledge and connection to the typically subconscious source of our most creative intelligence.

Cognitive neuroscience’s current crush is with the domain of Embodied Cognition — a field which explores this vast terrain of inner experiencing, how it emerges as meaning and symbols and then impacts the world. In Human Potential Coaching we engage directly with this meaning-making process as a way of revealing the truest intentions, and accessing both clients' and coaches' greatest creativity and resourcefulness, potentiating deep transformation. This process draws heavily on these emergent fields of Embodied Cognition and contemplative neuroscience as it does on the work of pioneers such as the late Professor Eugene Gendlin.