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Using the WHY.os as a Business Development Tool
Using the WHY.os as a Business Development Tool
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Using the WHY.os as a Business Development Tool

Presented by Daniel Dominguez

This workshop is designed to give the audience an overview of; the 9 WHY's that drive people to do what they do, the way the 9 WHY's work to create a person's WHY operating system, consisting of their WHY, their HOW, and their WHAT, and how knowing your own persona WHY operating system and the WHY operating system of your clients can lead to a better coach - client relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn your WHY - Which of the 9 WHY's is the one that drives you to do what you do?
  • Learn what a WHY operating system is.
  • Learn how the 9 WHY's work as WHY, as a HOW, and as a WHAT in the WHY operating system.
  • Learn how you can use the WHY.os to communicate your unique gifts.
  • Learn how you can use the WHY.os to help your clients communicate their unique gifts.

Dan Dominguez is the Chief Growth Officer at WHY Institute. In this role he is charged with finding the right coaches to join our growing organization, mentoring those new coaches, and building the WHY Community. During his time at WHY Institute, Dan has conducted more WHY Discoveries than anyone else outside of our founder, Gary Sanchez.

His WHY is to Contribute to a greater cause. What that means is that he believes in making a difference in the lives of others. He relishes success that leads to the greater good and he seeks to add value in everything that he does. HOW he Contributes is by Challenging the Status Quo and thinking differently. 

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