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Faye L Hall 

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Empowered Discovery

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Certified by a professional coach training school
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Hi There! Thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me

I am a certified Coach, Facilitator ,Agilist and a human centered leader focused on developing people for today and for the future. I love to supports my clients to set (and stand-in) their strengths to design empowering goals and behaviors to achieve greatness both in their personal and professional leadership lives.

Rooted in core value of service, I am a cheer leader that has a passion for co-creating with clients to create goals, deepen awareness and take action in all areas of our lives. .One of my favorite things to see is the veil to possibilities get lifted by holding space and powerful questions.

As a servant leader I believe that 99% of the work to be done occurs with a shift in mindset while creating a deeper understanding of our attachments and habits. I finds meaning in supporting clients to live more integrated, whole lives while also achieving never-before achieved career success.  My favorite question: “What does the future need of you today?”. While some of these questions can be tough, I lead and coach with empathy, vulnerability and a sense of humor.

My journey began in the agile space started after immigrating from the U.K in 2001 for a technology role at a large financial institution. Having spent a better part of my career becoming a thought leader in the coaching space I have been focused on building high-performing coaching, product and delivery teams by challenging leaderships idea management over leadership, of ‘team’ and elevating the role teams play in delivering value to our customers. That led me to per sue leadership coaching after seeing the impact great leaders can have on any team outcomes.

My background is leading A(a)gile T(t)ransformations in the financial industry, supporting the enterprise agile efforts of change, learning, servant leadership, empowering teams and creating transformation plans to accelerate the delivery of customer value. An Agile mindset it at the core of who I am and will always continue to advocate for teams by creating awareness of decisions that create a cost to them in lost productivity, engagement and happiness. My core agile values transmit to every day life and continues to remind us all that we cannot fit 10 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket, but do you have the right 5 gallons?

I believe teams do their best work in a circle of psychological safety and creates and extends that to others. I carry this same principle to coaching. My simple belief is that everyone wants to add value, how can we remove what’s in the way?

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