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Connie Kadansky 

Exceptional Sales Performance  Master Certified Coach
Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix, AZ
Exceptional Sales Performance
Master Certified Coach
8724 N. 6th Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85021

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Both Personal and Business
ICF Trained Mentor Coach


Leadership Coach with Sales Expertise

Coaching is about helping leaders make continuous breakthroughs. Connie feels it is a privilege to listen to her client's inner voice and to help create heightened self-awareness while managing complex challenges. She delights in holding a safe psychological space so her clients can hear their thoughts more clearly.

Connie partners with leaders to go beyond perceived limitations into new territory, and move forward confidently as they navigate their nitty-gritty reality.

Common Coaching Topics Addressed with Clients


Sales: Connie is recognized globally for helping salespeople from diverse industries develop emotional skills to prospect, promote their products and services confidently, upsell, cross-sell, and leverage key relationships. They connect and take ownership of their vision and design a strategic growth plan by cultivating their strengths, modifying behaviors, and taking action to achieve revenue goals.

Executive: In working with executives, Connie helps her clients work in dynamics that include upset customers, understaffing, demanding initiatives, and teams in flux. The executives determine their professional vision, instilling the motivation to become more strategic and productive, thus achieving their personal and professional goals. 

Coaching Approach


Connie has passionately worked with clients from diverse industries on their leadership strengths, applying an evidence-based approach to coaching that has earned accolades for effecting positive change and improvement.

She believes that right relationships are at the heart of leadership development. All relationships are reflections of the relationship one has with oneself. She coaches clients to be comfortable in their own skin.

Connie works with her clients using assessments to measure how a leader achieves results, brings out the best in others, leads with insight, enhances self-development, acts with integrity, and improves organizational systems. She encourages leaders to step out and follow the mysterious unknowns so they break through to a clear path forward.


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