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Jennifer Uhlig 

Grounded Wellness Coaching  
Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix, AZ
Grounded Wellness Coaching

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At least 60+ hours of coach-specific training
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Bachelor's degree


My journey into the wellness world began in university when I was studying Physical Education and human movement. Anatomy and Physiology were fascinating and started me on the path I am traveling today.

In 2012 while I was teaching group fitness classes I noticed changes in my body. I lacked my usually energy levels, my muscles were shrinking while I was still lifting weights regularly, and I started reacting to food I never had before. I began the investigative journey which took me 8 years, 9 diagnosis and 2 surgeries to get to the root cause.

I was gifted to be working with a homeopathic doctor who didn't know the word quit and I will be forever grateful for her dedication.

During the journey I dove deep into the world of auto immune illness, the microbiome, toxic exposure and endocrine disputing chemicals.

I wanted to do everything I could to feel better.

I and rooted in my mission to be of service, and to help people cut through the noise when it comes to their health. It does not have to take years to feel your best, and together we can re program what wellness looks like for you.

I believe that we should treat the individual as a whole and know that healing involves not only the physical but the emotional.

Together we will plant the seeds for tomorrow!

Coach Jen

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